Study Abroad Convinced Me the U.S. Is Turning Into China

Proof that I was in China
This is North Korea. North Korea is not China.
Ralph Lauren Kid’s Store at Nanjing Mall
The subway that my friend nearly broke. Don’t worry, the staff figured it out.
A poster of Putin and Xi in Sanya, a resort town popular among Chinese and Russian tourists that I went to for Spring Break.
Tiananmen Square
After China, I was in London for six weeks and unintentionally found where George Orwell used to live.
Me and Mao — an authoritarian ruler who killed 45 million of his own people




Leslie Knope but sassier. I watch a lot of C-SPAN.

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Sean Newhouse

Sean Newhouse

Leslie Knope but sassier. I watch a lot of C-SPAN.

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