For many years, I resisted watching “The Clone Wars,” a computer-animated “Star Wars” series that premiered on Cartoon Network, Netflix and Disney Plus over its seven-season run. I thought the show, which is about the events between Episode II (Attack of the Clones) and Episode III (Revenge of the Sith), was for kids.

Even those who are mostly unfamiliar with the “Star Wars” movies know it’s a saga about good versus evil that centers on the Skywalker family. What’s less appreciated is that it’s also a series about the decline of democracy to authoritarianism.

The central political power in…

I’m going to begin by expressing a sentiment that I’m sure you’re all feeling.

This sucks.

When COVID-19 rudely interrupted last year, my class — the class of 2020 — quickly labeled ourselves as the greatest victims of the pandemic because it ruined our senior year.

In hindsight, but even then, this was incredibly self-centered. Many of us initially didn’t consider the loss of life and livelihoods. Even in the context of college, however, the class of 2020 is not the greatest victim.

That would be all of you.

Not only did you have to end high school with unexpected…

For years, esteemed television journalist Barbara Walters selected 10 individuals annually who she deemed were the year’s “most fascinating.”

Last year, I decided, as then-news editor of my college newspaper, that I was Walters’ natural successor and published Sean Newhouse’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2018.

This year I’ve decided to switch it up, so, instead of 10 fascinating people, I’ve listed five year-defining dates. I still enumerated my 10 most fascinating people for 2019, which is at the bottom of the article.

Here are five dates that will define 2019:

Feb. 27

On this Wednesday….

· U.S. President Donald…

U.S. President Donald Trump

The House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Dec. 18.

We know that Trump and his allies over months pressured officials from Ukraine, a country that is dependent on the U.S. in its war with Russian-backed separatists, to open investigations based on a stunning lack of evidence that would benefit Trump politically.

Multiple U.S. officials involved in Ukrainian foreign policy have said that Trump froze military aid to the country to pressure Ukrainian officials to open the investigations Trump sought.

Trump has directed relevant officials not to testify and blocked the…

For the past five semesters, I have worked in my university’s writing center. I have assisted undergraduate, graduate, international, and nontraditional students.

While I haven’t completed extensive research and don’t possess decades of experience, I would argue that I’m a seasoned frontline worker when it comes to college-level writing. Using a medical metaphor, I’m in the triage unit.

After two and a half years of providing care for figurative heart attacks and strokes, I have a couple of suggestions for primary care providers (professors) on how they can help patients (students) promote healthy [writing] habits.

All of my thoughts come…

I knew there was a problem with press coverage of the impeachment inquiry against Trump when I…

- a senior political science and journalism double major in my university’s Honors program

- a former Capitol Hill press intern

- a subscriber to the New York Times, the Washington Post, POLITICO, Axios, NPR, Vox, and Roll Call

…couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Cable news especially is predominantly covering opinions on the impeachment inquiry, which is pointless — I don’t want to know what they think about it, I want to know what I should think about it.

What follows…

This summer I was a legislative research intern for CQ Roll Call, a news organization based in Washington, D.C. that covers Congress. As such, I spent 10 weeks living and working in the nation’s capital. More surprising to me than Sen. Ted Cruz’s beard actually looking quite nice in person was how inaccurately most political TV shows portray federal politics. For the purpose of reporting truth, what follows is a listing of the most accurate political TV shows based on my experience.

1. BrainDead

This CBS dramedy centered on three hapless DC denizens who found themselves in a war against government gridlock…

For years, esteemed television journalist Barbara Walters selected 10 individuals annually who she deemed were the year’s “most fascinating.”

Well, Walters retired years ago. So I, the news editor of my college newspaper, feel it is necessary for me to continue the tradition.

My criteria for selection was based on the following: 1. Is this person going to make an impact for years to come? 2. Will their notoriety be associated with the year 2018?

Here are my top 10 most fascinating people:

1. The authoritarian leader

Putin and MBS

Russian President Vladimir Putin was re-elected in March. While I was studying abroad in China, term limits…

Spring semester 2018, I spent nearly four months living in Suzhou, China (in the Southeast part of the country near Shanghai) as part of a study abroad program offered through my University. I climbed the Great Wall, learned how to use chopsticks, drank legally and discovered myself — as you do when you study abroad.

Proof that I was in China

In addition to discovering myself, I also gained an understanding of Chinese culture and thus a better understanding of my home culture. Much to my surprise, I noticed a number of striking similarities between the two, most importantly the one that inspired this blog —…

Sean Newhouse

Leslie Knope but sassier. I watch a lot of C-SPAN.

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